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Location: South eastern most portion of Falls Lake, south of Highway 98 and west of Capital Blvd.
Miles: 3
Skill Level: Beginner
Contact: Park Office 919-556-6781
Link: Official Park Page

Park Hours and Fees
Rules of the Trail


Forest Ridge is an extremely beginner friendly trail. It is fast, flowy, flat, and fun. This is a great trail to bring young kids or to introduce singletrack riding to beginners in a safe and fun way. There is a lot of room for this trail to grow and mileage is expected to increase over time.

This trail is bi-direction and advanced riders will be able to carry significant speeds throughout the trail, so make sure to keep your vision up and be courteous to and cautious of other riders.


Driving Directions via Google

Follow Old Highway 98 until it ends becoming the park entrance. Continue down the parking lot all the way to the back to find the trail entrance just beyond the end of the parking lot. Signage and small wooden bridge will be visible from the parking lot.

Park Hours and Fees
8am to dusk, seven days a week. There is no fee.

Rules of the Trail

  1. All riders must wear a helmet.
  2. Respect the rights of all other trail users and obey park rules and regulations. Bikers must always yield to walkers.
  3. Plan Ahead.
  4. Ride only on officially marked trails.
  5. Keep your bike under control.
  6. Do not disturb or alarm wildlife.
  7. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  8. Leave no trace (don't litter).
  9. Set a good example and report violators/hazards.
  10. Allow time to finish outings before the park closes.

This trail is not open for night riding except under organized night ride events coordinated with cycling clubs and park staff. Stay tuned to this site for upcoming night rides.



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Reviewed by:David H
Reviewed on:10/13/2017
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In general, I think the trails are very fun but short and hopefully this comment will be obsolete soon due to more trails added.

Not too technical, I do like how the trail has lots of wavy undulation up/down and side to side which still provides flowy trail but also provides a lot of pumping opportunities, places to pop into the air over the many undulations, rollers etc. Lots of opportunity to maneuver your bike. A few cool rocky sections. Not completely devoid of roots, which I think is good. The roots will expose themselves fairly quickly on these trails over time.

Not a lot of climbing. Good for beginners, kids and families. Hopefully more elevation change will be added with more mileage.

No freeride.

Nice scenic lake side trails.

Flow is high on this trail. Another machine built flowy trail but more fun based trail input in this type of flowy trail which I think is great.